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Radics Gigi


Born In : Hungary

Gigi Radics was only 15 years old when she won a hungarian talent show called Megasztár in the may of 2012. She became one of the most popular singer in Hungary. After some months, she won so many awards, her album was certified as platinum. In the summer of 2012 she recorded her first album in Los Angeles (called “Vadonatúj Érzés”), she made a music video for her first single “Daydream” (english version of “Vadonatúj Érzés”). This song peaked up on charts until 10 weeks in row, the radios was playing her song until 10 weeks again (which is a record in Hungary). In 2013 January her song (called “Úgy Fáj”) got in to the hungarian semifinals of the Eurovision Song Contest. Altough she didn’t represent our country in Malmö, but her name was known by many people from different countries all over Europe. Before she became 18-years- old she was nominated with many awards (Fonogram, Comet, Bravo Otto), and she won many of them. In 2012 Quincy Jones invited her to the Jazz Festival Montreux, in 2013 she was singing in the Auditorium di Milano with an enormous orchestra.

In 2015 August she was singing in Vienna State Opera with conductor Friedemann Riehle. The show was about the biggest rock hits in a different orchestra version. She was singing with three other talented singer from Prague. In 2015 she got invited to the World Economic Forum to Genf, and she was singing in the Havasi Symphonic “Voices of Change” in New York Carnegie Hall some weeks after. Also in 2015 she got her first “role” in a rock opera called “István a Király”, she was playing character “Réka”.In 2014 her second album was released called “Barna Lány”, which was certified as double platinum in weeks. First quarter of 2015 and 2016 Gigi was in the United States, so her name was known by american people as well. She was singing to Stevie Wonder, he was amazed by her voice and her personality, he congratulated to her after the concert. In 2016 she was sining at W Hollywood, and she had her first self evening concert at Beverly Hills Sofitel. She was singing her own songs, next to some cover from Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin. In the years so many huge talent was amazed by her voice, like Quincy Jones or Eric Benet. She is only 20 years but she got two music video which was made in the United States. This two song is Illuminate and Take it In. Despite her youth, her very first fragrance was released in Hungary, called “Golden Voice by Radics Gigi”. In the end of 2016 she released her new song “Végtelen Hajó / See It Through”, that’s her third single in this year. In December of 2016 this song got into the hungarian semifinal of Eurovision Song Contes

In 2017, the English version of “See It Through” was selected as the “final ship”, in the Eurovision Song Contest “DAL2017”, where he finally reached the TOP 4. Gigi succeeds in succeeding with a 20-year-old singer in the official song of the grandiose opening ceremony of the FINA 2017 Hungarian Water World Championships, in “within You the winner/Hero Inside You”, which was broadcast in the world’s many countries Live. The film “Pappa Pia” is the same song by Gigi. In the summer of 2017, “an emoji film” brings the Hungarian voice of the “Akiko Glitter” character, which is the original voice of American singer Christina Aguilera. In May 2017 as one of the biggest announcements of Hungary’s musical life, the 20-year-old singer will be the only female jury of the X-factor for the year 2017. Gigi is after the year with a brand new album after 2 years of silence and a concert show in the Budapest Sport Arena. Forbes Magazine was one of the TOP 21 most valuable celebrities in Hungary in 2017. In December 2017, the singer’s third studio record “Vonzás” was published, and it was certified platinum in less than two weeks.

In the first quarter of 2018 Gigi spent 3 months in the United States. One of the highlight of this trip was Quincy Jones own private birthday party with so many famous guest like Stevie Wonder or Jay-Z. On his 85th birthday Quincy Jones going on a small world tour with three European location. Because of their friendship with Gigi he choosed Budapest as one of the date. Gigi will attend on this concert too. In this year Gigi was chosen as a judge in the Hungarian X-FACTOR. Her song called “Budapest Szerelem” got nominated as the official song of Budapest in this year.